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How to Teach Chess Online with ChessMatec

At ChessMatec, we provide Chess teachers and coaches with a variety of tools to conduct exciting and successful online lessons, while also keeping their students motivated and interested in the world of Chess!

Our Campus for Teachers comes with fully prepared lesson plans for beginner and intermediate students alike. We’ve prepared 35 lessons starting from the very basics of Chess and getting to know the pieces and the Chess board and going all the way up to advanced tactics like the Pin and Stalemate. Each lesson is built in a similar structure which makes them easy to understand and follow along to and they can be taught both online and in the Classroom. The ChessMatec lessons are each around 50 minutes long – but every coach and teacher can choose to customize the length and exercises to their classes.


The lessons start by explaining the goals of the lesson and the topics that will be covered – each lesson is different and focuses on a different portion of the Chess game.

Phase One - Beginning of the Class (5 Minutes)

We believe that young Kids need to start out the lesson in a fun and engaging way - which is why in the beginning of our ChessMatec lessons we start by playing Movement Games!

In the beginning of the lesson the Chess Teacher can choose between two different activities:

  • Do a Movement Game – we at ChessMatec believe that incorporating movement and physical activities is extremely important in the learning process of younger children. Kids, especially if the lesson is being taught online through the computer screen, have a lot of excess energy that needs to be let out for them to stay attentive during the lesson.

  • Review questions from the previous lesson – each lesson ends with fun quiz-like questions for the Kids that help them memorize the topics that were covered. Reviewing them in the next lesson assists in keeping the students alert and focusing them on the next topic.

Phase Two - Video Time (5 Minutes)

The most special and innovative part of our ChessMatec lessons are the Video Lessons. These videos comprise the “plot” of our story and utilize the storyline and animation to teach children everything there is to know about the basics of chess. Children are much more likely to stay motivated to learn Chess once their imagination is sparked. Each of our lessons has its own fully-prepared videos that includes an actor and animations and tell the story of the Kingdom of Chess – thus teaching the Kids the rules of the game in a distinct and relatable manner.

When the lesson is being taught online – the Teacher can project her screen to the students and share the fun of the video with them!

Phase Three - Problem Solving with ChessMatec (20 Minutes)

The lessons in our Campus correspond to the ChessMatec App - the most advanced, user-friendly chess app on the market, we integrate chess-problem-solving into an entertaining learning system that’s fun for young kids. Each lesson plan parallels a certain level and exercise in the App – so the students can use it to practice their newly found skills and knowledge.

The Teachers can log in to their ChessMatec users and project them through the classroom to solve the exercises together. Using the Zoom platform – teachers can draw on the screen, use a pointer or create shapes in order to emphasize the different tactics and moves.

Our Teachers can also use their Dashboard in order to easily create classrooms, import students, and see helpful metrics like their students’ progress in the ChessMatec App, their rating and their last login.

Phase Four - Play Chess Online with ChessMatec (15 Minutes)

The ChessMatec Online playing platform is another great tool to use when teaching Chess online! The Kids can log in to their own accounts and practice their Chess skills by playing an actual game – either against the computer or against their friends.

Phase Five - Conclusion of the Lesson (5 Minutes)

We conclude our lessons with a review of all the things we learned! The teacher asks questions about all the new skills that were taught in the lesson, and assigns the students exercises to complete in the ChessMatec App!

If you are a teacher or a coach, consider signing up to our ChessMatec for Teachers option in order to access all of our exclusive content! Click below for more information and a quote:



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